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Off the treadmill: 5 ways to achieve your goals through meditation

So many ways to 'beat' stress... and yes we've all been there.

If you find your headspace through running, then run! If you are relaxed after a HITT class fantastic - go for it. But think of this as a healthy wellbeing menu just add another course... Meditation, you might enjoy yoga, creative flow or walking with awareness in nature.

Be well and join Creative Flow for a mindful workout.

  1. Take a slow (and I mean slow) walk. if you are other-abled - slow it down.

  2. Bring awareness to your breath, practice taking 10 slightly slower in and out breaths, notice that pause between the breath - it's a beautiful place to be!

  3. Spend time connecting with your tribe, your crew your friends, This is your Compassionate network - sharing is caring.

  4. Connect with your heart and soul - dance, sing, chant, read poetry out loud, plant your garden, play and then do more play...

  5. Sleep, eat, rest and be merry... because tomorrow really is another day.

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