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Mindfulness Meditation, Find Stillness in a Restless World

Practice makes perfect - yes ideally, of course.

But it is more about how we practice.

Often we recycle the same habits, restless thought cycles, and distractions leading to frustrations and restless unease.

So you fix on doing it better next time....

Well better isn't in the game plan of meditation - it's like swimming in the ocean, sometimes it's with ease; the water is warm, refreshing, calm and welcoming. Our bodies glide with ease, breathing synchronizes and we find delight and freedom. But more often we 'swim' against the waves of our thoughts, the body grows tense and tires, stillness evades us and there is a rush of dis-ease, discomfort.

So how can we find balance?

Have you tried meditating in comfort?

Often a supported position allows us to settle. Try sitting on your sofa, use cushions to support your back and put a cushion under your feet. The body can find restfulness, and the mind can stop agitating towards the physical self.

Restless mind? Start with a slow self guided exercise, these mantras are enjoyed by many people.

Breathing in I breath in deep

Breathing out I breath out slow

Breathing in I breath in long

Breathing out I breath out soft

Breathing in I breath in calm

Breathing out I breath out peace

Gradually drop away from the words and feel the breath as it moves through your body, broaden the throat, expanding the upper chest, the back ribs, glide the floating lower ribs, soften the belly. Let your breath sit in your lower pelvis before slowly letting it release and exhale.

So, here is where the swimming metaphor comes into play, visualize your breath as a succession of waves, gentle, without effort. Notice how they fill your body, refreshing and then as you exhale they wash up softly to the shore of your physical body - maybe you can invite this sensation of the wave of your breath on the shore of your upper lip, nostrils.

As distractions surface, welcome them as dear friends," hello thoughts, I'll come back to you later thank you!" No clinging or aversion just a gentle swimming on.

Enjoy and get in touch if you'd like more Mindfulness techniques you are welcome to email:

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