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How often, and for how long, should you meditate?

I haven't got time to meditate!

Start simply with taking 5 minutes a day or three times a week, get to know your mind, your breath. Joining a meditation group like Creative Flow can really help you find motivation and focus, you can learn different meditation to choose what suits you each day. It might help to tell your household that you are taking 5 - 10 minutes for yourself.

Find a time of day to make your meditation space.

Here is a flavour of my own morning practice.

I like to meditate first thing in the morning with my cup of tea, I love to go out to the garden and take 5-10 mins before everyone else gets up, I practice a self awareness meditation and just check in; Body, mind, heart and soul.

How is my physically body today, am I aware of any niggles or notice any tension held in my muscles. I just acknowledge this and say "Yes I hear! I can work on that".

I say hello to my emotional self again without judgement hear what's going on.

Next I turn to my intellect, how is that this morning?

Finally I tune into my spiritual self, have I taken time to connect to those practices that nourish my soul?

To finish I wish myself well, content, free from suffering and to move forward.

I try not to rush into the activity of the day.... Give it a try and see how you get on..

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